Current Release: Beta 1.08

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2018

Released: March 4, 2018


  • Added: New Blender addon to export Cycles shaders for use in Max
  • Added: New Cycles Properties modifier to hold object-level paramaters
  • Added: Objects can now be set as shadow catchers through the Cycles Properties modifier
  • Added: New shader-level parameters to control volume sampling
  • Added: New render parameter to control the number of deform motion blur samples
  • Added: CUDA compute capability 3.7 is now supported (Tesla K80)
  • Added: 32-slot shader graph material
  • Changed: Node graph editor updates
    • Added Alpha output to 3ds Max Texmap node
    • Added Displacement input to Material Output node
    • The curve editor now supports click and drag to move points
    • Added new nodes
      • Vector -> Vector Transform
      • Converter -> Blackbody
      • Converter -> Combine HSV/RGB/XYZ
      • Converter -> Math
      • Converter -> RGB to BW
      • Converter -> Separate HSV/RGB/XYZ
      • Converter -> Vector Math
      • Converter -> Wavelength
  • Changed: Shader-level parameters can now be applied to Shader Graph materials
  • Changed: Made several small optimizations to the Physical Material shader
  • Fixed: Fixed some cases where a shader graph material could reset to the default (empty) graph
  • Fixed: Fixed potential crash when using invalid texmap indices in a shader graph

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