Current Release: Beta 1.03

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2018

Released: Oct. 12, 2017


  • Changed: Updated internal Cycles code to parity with Blender 2.79
  • Changed: Reworked CUDA GPU selection GUI
  • Changed: CPU and GPU tile size are now separate options
  • Added: Principled BSDF material
  • Added: Render parameters to adjust volume sampling
  • Fixed: All texmap and submaterial buttons on Cycles materials now support drag and drop
  • Fixed: Normal map parameters will now copy correctly when a material is cloned
  • Updated node graph editor
    • Changed: The node list window is now slightly smaller
    • Added: Principled BSDF shader node
    • Added: Undo/redo
    • Added: Keyboard shortcuts for save, undo, and redo
    • Added: Status text to notify the user of unsaved changes
    • Fixed: Text will no longer get blurry after resizing the window
  • Updated third-party libraries
    • GLFW to 3.2.1
    • NanoVG to 98e5513 - September 24, 2017
Known Issues
  • In the Node Graph editor, anisotropic and hair nodes need to have a connection to their Tangent socket to render correctly.
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