Beta 1.00 Release

After more than a year in Alpha, today I am releasing the first Beta version of the Cycles for Max plugin. This release brings a mix of new features, fixes, and support for Max 2018. The download and changelog pages have been updated.


I have also uploaded a new youtube video to demonstrate some of the new features here:

Full changelog:

  • Changed: Improved accuracy of Physical Material
    • Emission strength has been adjusted to match ART
    • Color temperature curves have been adjusted to match ART
  • Changed: Imporved accuracy of Physical Sun and Sky
    • Emission strength has been adjusted to match ART
    • Corrected minor distortion in baked map
  • Changed: Bitmaps and the Physical Sun and Sky map can now be used directly in the environment map slot
  • Added: Support for 3ds Max 2018
  • Added: Basic support for Free Light
    • Only point lights are currently supported
  • Added: Various translation options [MAXScript variable name in brackets]
    • Environment strength multiplier (previously named “sky intensity”) [cyclesRender.skyIntensity]
    • Environment MIS map size [cyclesRender.misMapSize]
    • Point light size [cyclesRender.pointLightSize]
    • Default procedural texmap bake size [cyclesRender.texmapBakeWidth, cyclesRender.texmapBakeHeight]
  • Added: Support for Max exposure control
  • Added: Option to use a different random noise seed for each frame of an animation
  • Fixed: Environment maps will no longer bake incorrectly when set to non-texture coordinate mapping
  • Fixed: HDR environment maps will no longer be used in non-HDR mode by default
  • Fixed: UI will now remain responsive when translating large scenes
  • Fixed: Physical Material can now be used as an input to Mix or Add nodes
  • Fixed: Light path settings will now apply to activeshade renders
  • Fixed: Improved bitmap resolution autodetection
  • Fixed: HDR texmaps will now bake to non-HDR textures correctly

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