It has been about two months since I last updated this site, so I thought it would be appropriate to write a quick update about what is happening with this plugin lately.

For the next release, I am focusing on cleaning up the plugin's code to work better with multi-GPU CUDA renders as well as adding support for Cycles render passes. I hope to release this version near the end of October.

In the past I had also mentioned to a few people that I plan on porting this plugin back to Max 2015/2016 and had estimated that would be done towards the end of this year. I still do plan on bringing this back to older versions of Max, but it now looks like that won't be ready until some time next year.

I'm also still working on preparing some forums for this website. More info on that will be coming eventually but I'm still unsure about when exactly the forums will be ready.

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thanks for your work.

Posted by blockih on Oct. 13, 2018, 9:41 p.m.

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