Debug Mode

This plugin contains an optional debug mode that will create log files every time you perform a render with Cycles for Max. These log files can be used to help track down the source of bugs inside the plugin. Debug mode will only log data to local files on your computer and will never send any of that data anywhere through the internet.

Debug mode will cause your render to run slower as well as fill up your disk with large log files. This mode should always be disabled unless you need the log files for some specific reason.

Log File Location

All log files are stored in the top level of your Windows user directory in a directory name 'CyclesMaxLog'. This will be a path that looks like C:\Users\YOU\CyclesMaxLog\. This directory contains no important data and can be deleted at any time.

Enabling Debug Mode

After installing the plugin, there will be two .reg files in the Plugins\cycles\reg directory inside of your 3ds Max installation. Double-click debug_enable.reg. You will need to restart Max after enabling this registry setting for the change to take effect.

When debug mode is active, you will see an extra tab named 'Debug' in the Render Setup dialog.

Debug Mode Active

Disabling Debug Mode

In the directory described above, double-click debug_disable.reg. You will need to restart Max after disabling this registry setting for the change to take effect.