Cycles Shader Graph Editor

The Shader Graph Editor gives you full control over how Cycles renders your shader. Its interface should be somewhat familiar to anyone who has used the shader graph editor in Blender.

The Shader Graph Editor can be accessed through the Cycles Shader Graph materials.

Source code for the shader editor is available under the MIT license on GitHub.


Shader Graph Editor interface

Save Button - Saves the current shader graph. All changes to a shader must be saved before they can be used in a render.

Undo and Redo Buttons - Undo or redo recent changes to your graph.

Zoom Buttons - Zoom the viewport in or out.

Create Node Window - Used to add new nodes to the shader graph. Click the smaller buttons on top to select a category. Click and drag the larger buttons onto the viewport to create a node.

Parameter Editor Window - This window is only visible when you have selected some parameter of a node. Here you can edit that parameter's value.


Create Nodes - Click and drag a node type onto the viewport from the "Create Node" window.

Move Nodes - Click and drag a node in the viewport to move the node.

Select Nodes - Click to select a single node. ctrl + click to add to your existing selection. shift + click to toggle selection of a node.

Create Connections - Click and drag from a node's output socket to begin making a connection. Release the mouse button over another node's input socket to complete the connection.

Change/Remove Connections - Click and drag from a node's connected input socket to begin rerouting the connection. Release the mouse button over empty space to delete the connection.

Pan the Viewport - Middle click and drag with your mouse to pan the viewport around. The arrow keys can also be used to pan the viewport.

Undo/Redo - Use ctrl + z and ctrl + y to undo or redo.

Save - Save the current graph with ctrl + s.

Delete - Delete selected nodes with the delete key.

Zoom - Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.