3ds Max Texmaps

3ds Max Texmaps can be used with Cycles through texture baking.

Texture baking for built-in texmaps currently only supports purely 2-dimensional textures. Most built-in texmaps can be used in a 2-dimensional mode by setting either their coordinate source or coordinate mapping to "Explicit Map Channel".

Cycles Bitmap Filter

Cycles Bitmap Filter is a texmap type included with this plugin that can be used to change texture baking settings per-texmap. This texmap should be used as pictured below, placed between the texmap you would like to alter and the corresponding material.

Cycles Bitmap Filter usage


Cycles Bitmap Filter parameters

Width - Width, in pixels, at which to bake the texmap.

Height - Height, in pixels, at which to bake the texmap.

Texmap - Texmap to bake.

Color Precision - Choose whether to bake the texmap as a standard 8 bit/channel texture or an HDR texture.

Cycles Environment

Cycles Environment is a texmap that can be used to configure the scene's environment map. Details are available on the environment page.