Lately this news feed has had a bit of a problem with bots posting spam comments. I've just added some fresh anti-spam tech to the website which should help cut down on this in the future.

In unrelated news, work on the next version is coming along well. The next release will include support for Max 2019 among other things. I'm still not sure exactly when it will be ready, but it is coming eventually, probably within a month.

I have just posted a download for version Beta 1.08. This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes and is available on the download page.

Beta 1.08 is the first release to include the new shader exporter for Blender. This allow Cycles shaders created in Blender to be exported for use in 3ds Max. I've made a short video showing off how this works.

I've put together a quick video going over the major new features that have been added to this plugin in the last few releases.

I have just posted a download for release Beta 1.07. This release is largely focused on improving the node graph editor to allow for better interoperation with Cycles in Blender in the future. It also contains some bugfixes unrelated to the node graph editor.

Please see the download and changelog pages for more information.

I wanted to post a quick update about the status of the next release of this plugin because I'm going to miss the release date stated in my previous news post. My original plan was to get it out by the end of January, but implementing support for RGB/XYZ curves in the node graph editor has taken me longer than I initially expected. I'll be holding back the next release until I can finish adding support for curves. My best estimate now is that it will be ready in about a week.