I have just posted a download for release Beta 1.03.

This release updates to plugin to use the latest version of Cycles available. It also includes support for Cycles' new Principled BSDF, node editor improvements, more control over multi-GPU rendering, and various bug fixes. See the full changelog for more information.

Along with the release of Beta 1.01/1.02, I have created this short demo video to show off how to use the new stereoscopic rendering and panoramic camera features.

I have just released version Beta 1.02. This release addresses a regression in Beta 1.01 that could cause Max to crash in some cases.

Today I have become aware of a major bug with the way this plugin handles ActiveShade renders in version Beta 1.01 that can cause Max to crash. I hope to have a fix for this prepared in the next few days.

Today I am releasing Beta 1.01 of the Cycles plugin. This release brings support for stereoscopic rendering as well as panoramic rendering. It also includes a handful of bug fixes.

A download link and full changelog are available on the download page.

I will also be posting a video demonstrating the new features in the next few days.