Current Release: Beta 1.04

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2018

Released: Nov. 14, 2017


  • Added: MAXScript global variables to control volume sampling parameters
    • These parameters were added in a previous version, but they were not exposed through MAXScript
  • Fixed: CUDA errors during render will now cause the render to abort rather than hang up
  • Fixed: Render output will now always use the full precision of a 32-bit float
    • Previously, it may have been squished to 16 bits in some cases
  • Fixed: Using the node graph editor, all nodes will now have UV-based tangents by default
  • Fixed: Alpha channel will now render correctly in side-by-side stereo renders
  • Fixed: Transparent material now works correctly as a submaterial
  • Fixed: MAXScript render options can now be set before Cycles is selected as the renderer
  • Updated node graph editor
    • Changed: Various UI tweaks not worth listing individually
    • Added: The view can be zoomed in and out
    • Added: Arrow keys can be used for view navigation
    • Fixed: Fixed some cases where undo would behave incorrectly
  • Updated third-party libraries
    • Boost to 1.65.1
    • libpng to 1.6.32
    • libtiff to 4.0.8
    • OpenImageIO to 1.7.17


Changelogs for all versions are available here.

Download Older Releases

Previous releases can be downloaded here.