Current Release: Beta 2.06

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2020

Released: May 27, 2019

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Changelog: Beta 2.06

  • Changed: Increased framebuffer update rate for ActiveShade renders
  • Fixed: All texmap slots can now be copied from Cycles Environment
  • Fixed: Backplates will now render correctly in region renders
  • Fixed: Backplates will now respect the "Process Background and Environment Maps" exposure control option
  • Fixed: Render passes now work in single-eye stereoscopy modes

Changelog: Beta 2.05

  • Added: Support for 3ds Max 2020
  • Added: Support for region rendering
  • Added: Support for Max spot lights
  • Added: Cycles Environment now supports backplate images
  • Changed: Renamed inputs of Cycles Environment texmap for clarity
  • Changed: Unsupported types of lights will now cause a warning message to be displayed
  • Fixed: ActiveShade will update when a new material is assigned to an object
  • Fixed: Lighting maps used with the Cycles Environment texmap will now have the correct orientation
  • Fixed: Stop and cancel buttons will be more responsive during scene translation
  • Fixed: Corrected a potential crash when pressing stop during scene translation
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash when a Cycles Environment texmap was used with no input texmaps assigned
  • Fixed: Fixed a potential crash when rendering with logging enabled


Changelogs for all versions are available here.

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