Current Release: Beta 1.02

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2018

Released: Aug. 17, 2017


  • Fixed: Switching to ActiveShade mode and back to production rendering mode will no longer cause a crash
  • Changed: Split options into multiple tabs in the render options dialog
  • Added: New "Cy Pano Cam" camera for doing panoramic renders
  • Added: New render options to support stereoscopic renders
  • Fixed: Reduced distortion in environment map when using Physical Sun and Sky
  • Fixed: Automatic clipping planes in ortho renders are now supported
  • Fixed: Some render options will no longer fail to apply for ActiveShade renders
  • Fixed: Render options dialog will no longer get wider when Cycles is selected
Known Issues
  • In the Node Graph editor, anisotropic and hair nodes need to have a connection to their Tangent socket to render correctly.
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