Current Release: Beta 3.00

Compatible with: 3ds Max 2017-2020

Released: Oct. 8, 2019

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Changelog: Beta 3.00

  • Changed: Updated Cycles to parity with Blender 2.80
  • Changed: CPU and CUDA renders will now use the same tile size
  • Changed: CUDA renders now require GTX 600-series or newer GPU
  • Changed: Roughness values are now interpreted differently for most materials
    • See "Breaking Changes" section in the manual for details
  • Added: Support for combined CPU/CUDA renders
  • Added: Subsurface Scattering and Principled BSDF materials now support random walk subsurface scattering
  • Added: Principled BSDF now has Emission and Alpha inputs
  • Added: Render parameter to limit transparent bounces
  • Fixed: Base roughness will now be applied correctly with the Autodesk Physical Material
  • Fixed: Anisotropy will now work for the Principled BSDF material
  • Fixed: Falloff selection will now be applied correctly with the Subsurface Scattering material
  • Fixed: Normal maps can no longer be applied to the Transparent material


Changelogs for all versions are available here.

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