Cycles for Max

Upcoming Open-source Release

As you may have noticed, plugin development speed has fallen off a lot in the past couple years. This is largely due to that fact that I have moved on from using 3ds Max myself due to Autodesk cutting off support for perpetual licenses and having no interest to start renting.

In light of this, I have decided to release all of the code for this plugin under the GPL2 license so anyone else can go on maintaining or developing it as they like.

I am still working to clean up the code to get it in a releasable state. For today I have just put up the first of three repos, this one containing the modified version of Cycles that is used by this plugin. In the coming weeks I'll be releasing the code for building dependencies as well as for the core plugin itself. You can find this repo here.

Posted July 5, 2023


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