Breaking Changes

This section of the manual will document recent changes in the plugin that can cause your scenes to render differently with different plugin versions.

Beta 3.00


Prior to version Beta 3.00, the roughness value of all materials (excluding the Principled BSDF and Autodesk Physical Material) was interpreted differently than it is now. In the old system, the roughness value of a shader was used directly for roughness computations, but in new versions this value is squared first to be more consistent with other 3d software.

This means that if you had a material set up to work correctly with older versions of this plugin, you will need to increase the roughness value so it looks the same in newer versions. To find the new roughness value that should be used, you can simply take the square root of the old value.

As an example, a roughness of 0.25 in versions prior to Beta 3.00 is equivalent to a roughness of 0.5 in Beta 3.00 and later and a roughness of 0.01 in the old versions is equivalent to a roughness of 0.1 now.

Again, as mentioned above, this change does not apply to the Principled BSDF or the Autodesk Physical Material.