Bitmap-based environment maps are supported by this plugin, including HDR bitmaps.

Physical Sun and Sky

Max 2017's Physical Sun and Sky is fully supported.

Cycles Environment

Cycles Environment is an environment map type included in this plugin. This map allows you to set two different environment maps to be used in your scene: one for lighting and the other for the background.

Additionally, the background map can be set to wrap around the whole scene or be a static backplate.

This map is functionally very similar to Mental Ray's Environment/Background Switcher.


Cycles Environment parameters

Texmap Slots

Background - The texture to be used as the background.

Lighting - The texture to be used for lighting.

Projection Types

Mirror Ball - Projection used for environment maps in a mirror ball format.

Equirectangular - Projection used for environment maps in an equirectangular format. This is the default option and is the projection type most commonly used by environment maps.

Backplate - Projection used for a static background image that does not change with camera angle and FOV.